Got a Maple Tree?

What if we could plant the plants that save our wildlife? We can.

We now know which native plants support the most local wildlife.

The retarded dagger moth feeds off maple.

Maples (including box elders) are fifth on the list of the most productive and beneficial native plants. Native maples support 205 species of butterflies and moths, and numerous insect species.

The green striped maple worm feeds on maple trees.

This is a good thing, since insects support all the rest of the food web. We need insects. All life on earth needs insects. They are incredibly important.

The plagotis inchworm feeds of maple.

As for Maple trees, note well, … the Norway Maple is not native and does not support local wildlife.

The Norway maple is a “food desert” for our local insects. They cannot eat it.

But silver maples and sugar maples are native.

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Thanks to the research of Dr. Doug Tallamy of the University of Delaware, and the National Wildlife Federation for putting this information within easy reach.