Creating ecological health on Beargrass Creek

There is a heavy infestation of wintercreeper at the hillside near the mouth of Beargrass Creek, at the future site of Waterfront Botanical Gardens. 
The students of Male High School are taking on this area as an ecological project. 

With the support of Waterfront Botanical Gardens, the city of Louisville and the members of Wild Ones Louisville, we have already killed most of the Bush honeysuckle on this hillside. 

Wintercreeper is the next project. 

Wintercreeper and Bush honeysuckle are the two most problematic invasive species on this site, as is typical typical in most wooded areas of our region.

Once you kill the invasive species, a number of native plants will often reemerge. voluntarily. 

But we should also proactively plant a good selection of native species.

The end goal is to create a self-sustaining community of native plants that support wildlife and filter our water supply. 

Quality native plants should be obtained from reputable local nurseries such as Dropseed Nursery.

When selecting plants, one should always consult the Native Plant Finder on the National Wildlife Federation website. 

On the Native Plant Finder, plant species are ranked according to their “food web value.”