Courier-Journal: Please show love for (y)our trees

An open letter to the Courier-Journal…

Dear Courier-Journal:

I was concerned when I saw the “topped” trees in the Courier-Journal parking lot.

Why is tree topping a problem?

“Tree topping” is a destructive practice that weakens and often kills trees.

Trees perform millions of dollars of valuable services to our community, including clean air and clean water, lower utility bills and the reduction of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

Tree canopy: status and solutions

Louisville’s tree canopy coverage is below the recommended 40% and expected to fall below 30% in the foreseeable future.

We can only reverse this decline by NOT cutting down our existing mature trees.

Who is working on the solution?

City government, private citizens and nonprofit groups are spending millions of dollars and countless hours addressing this problem.

It is concerning when the Courier-Journal, a frequent champion of environmental causes, should assault and destroy its own share of the tree canopy.

An oversight?

Surely this incident is not a fair reflection of the policies, beliefs or feelings of upper management or the C-J board.

Please train your staff in the proper care of trees to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Thanks so much for your attention to this matter.

Hart Hagan

Wild Ones Louisville, President

Environmental Leadership Program, Director

Kentucky Waterways Alliance, Resource Development Committee