Lightning bugs need leaf litter. Today, most of us want to get rid of all the leaves. But we need to save some of our leaves.

How to Help Lightning Bugs

What if we could plant the plants that save our wildlife? We can. We now know which native plants support the most local wildlife. Maples (including box elders) are fifth on the list of the most productive and beneficial native plants. Native maples support 205 species of butterflies and moths, […]

Got a Maple Tree?

Here’s the thing: We have been trained to clean up “yard waste.” But if we let it lie, or collect it into a pile, then the decomposers can do their work. Decomposers include insects and millipedes. That means … Bird food!! Catbirds, mockingbirds and brown thrashers (to name a few) […]

Don’t Waste Your “Yard Waste.”